Exfoliate, Stimulate, Hydrate, Moisturize, Polish, Beautify

100% Natural


Reborn is a sensitive skin-friendly scrub that contains finely milled chia seeds. The seeds are known to have many benefits, like increasing hydration and strengthening skin’s natural protective barrier.

Don't leave your heels and elbows behind.

Improve the texture of your skin with our scrubs. Our blend of natural ingredients that gently sweep away dead skin cells and buffs dry spots as it delivers moisture without disrupting your skin barrier. Throw away the harsh products that leave your skin feeling itchy and dry. Get ready to enjoy your smoothest, most comfortable skin.


Our hair products are made with natural ingredients that add shine, control, softness, smoothness and manageability to your hair. All of our products are 100% non-toxic, vegan, and cruelty-free. Be natural. Be you!


"LOVE LOVE LOVE! Got a few things as a gift and the first thing I noticed was the FABULOUS smell so much so that my husband took the body butter but I got it back lol my skin has never been softer and the scrub stop... it's wonderful! Definitely recommend it and will be ordering some soon!"

K. Fullen

"Hi my beautiful cousin Skin is doing great, thank you. I went from being the crusty toe man to being able to walk proudly barefooted."

R. Glover

"Really digging this body butter after the beach, feels great."

Dean D. US

"They're both great and I will definently repurchase in the future. Both my fiancé and I are huge fans of both products (Coffee Scrub and Body Butter) equally and still use them both regularly!"


"I love the lush body butter."


"My fiancé hasn't tried the coffee scrub yet but has used the body butter and loves it. He does a lot of rock climbing sohe sometimes gets bruises and wounds if he falls and he applied it to his problem areas and they're healed better than usual."

Dean D. US

"That's exactly why I like the coffee scrub. I recently purchased a sugar scrub and on the 3rd day I accidentially spilled it. That sucked."

Dean D. US

"Wow! The texture of these products is insane."