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Great Outdoors Body Butter

Great Outdoors Body Butter

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Embark on a serene journey of skincare indulgence with our exquisite Body Butter, specially crafted for those over 50. Immerse yourself in the enchanting symphony of Vanilla, Cedarwood, and Ylang Ylang essential oils, creating a sensorial experience that captivates the senses and nurtures mature skin. This luxurious blend features a harmonious fusion of kokum butter, mango butter, shea butter, olive oil, rice bran oil, and vegetable glycerin, working together to deeply hydrate and rejuvenate, providing your skin with the care it deserves.

Enriched with 2% hyaluronic acid and distilled water, our Body Butter ensures a luxurious and effective hydration experience, promoting a supple and youthful complexion. The subtle warmth of cedarwood and the floral elegance of ylang-ylang, combined with the sweet richness of vanilla, offer a soothing and uplifting embrace for your skin. Embrace the tranquility of this carefully curated blend, as it becomes an integral part of your self-care routine, leaving your skin delicately scented and beautifully nourished. Celebrate the grace and wisdom that come with age with our indulgent Vanilla, Cedarwood, and Ylang Ylang Body Butter.

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