Coffee Scrub just makes the skin Oooohhhhh so soft

Coffee Scrub just makes the skin Oooohhhhh so soft

by Leslie Wright on Jun 22, 2022

Whipped Coffee Sugar Scrub

In an article on the site “Medical News Today” they discuss ways to use coffee on the skin, scalp and hair. I would have never thought that coffee would be beneficial to my hair. But, then again why not when it is well known to be wonderful for our skin and of course we love to consume it in beverages and desserts. There is a world and economy built around our desire for and the benefits of coffee.

From puffy eyes to cellulite, coffee is claimed to be helpful to the human body. Based on the research I have done digesting the research of others, everything from youtubers to clinical studies I have come away with enough information to know that coffee is a beneficial element to add to our beauty and wellness routine. As an exfoliant scrub for the body the benefits are well documented. Use a coffee scrub exfoliant on your feet, elbows and knees to take care of that skin build up and lighten those areas. Use a coffee scrub on your legs and buttocks to reduce that pesky cellulite and even use it as a faciial scrub to reduce acne break outs. No matter what treat your skin and hair with products that care about you as much as you do. Read more about the benefits of coffee.