Mind, Body, Soul Restorative Body Butter
Mind, Body, Soul Restorative Body Butter

Mind, Body, Soul Restorative Body Butter

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Mind, Body, Soul Restorative Body Butter is a nutrient-rich body moisturizer that is designed to deeply hydrate and nourish skin. This blend body butter is made with a blend of natural sweet orange, grapefruit, and vanilla essential oils that leave skin soft and supple it is delicately scented. Its nourishing formula provides longer lasting moisture compared to leading competitors.

Scent - Vanilla, Grapefruit, Sweet Orange

Sweet Orange Oil - Reduces dark spots and blemishes via vitamin C; Fights off free radicals to prevent premature skin aging; Antibacterial properties help fight acne; Boosts circulation in the skin; Promotes cell growth and collagen synthesis; Shrinks large pores and firms skin

Grapefruit - is known to be cleansing, to help balance oily complexions and to help reduce the appearance of blemishes and acne

Vanilla - is an excellent ingredient, which helps to soothe your skin irritations and inflammation; Prevents Signs of Ageng; Treats Under Eye Circles; Treats Acne; Treats Dry Skin; Helps to Soothe Sunburnt Skin

Restorative Body Butter will soothe your skin, provide hydration, improve firmness and elasticity, protect from damaging sun exposure, and create optimum conditions for healthy cells. 

Restorative Body Butter with Mango, Kokum and Shea Butter is a luxurious body moisturizer that helps restore and maintain skin's natural moisture balance. It is able to immediately improve your skin's smoothness, suppleness, and overall appearance.

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