30 Ways to reduce or remove dark eye circles

    30 Ways to reduce or remove dark eye circles

    30 ways from more sleep to surgical procedures. Skin care doesn’t have to be expensive but it does need to be consistent.

    1. Get more sleep

    2. Try a wedge pillow

    3. Slice up some cucumbers (spa day optional)

    4. Brew some tea

    5. Pile on the under-eye concealer

    6. Chill with a cold compress

    7. Skip the salt

    8. Get your antioxidants

    9. Find almond oil joy

    10. Power up the potassium

    11. Up the anti(histamines)

    12. Reduce stress

    13. Tap into an eye massage

    14. Switch up your eye makeup remover

    15. Lather on the coconut oil

    16. Milk it

    17. Go around the globe

    18. Block that UV light

    19. Say OK to vitamin K

    20. Add some java to your eye cream

    21. Rev up the retinoids

    22. Get on top of a topical agent

    23. Keep up with kojic acid

    24. Add some azelaic acid

    25. Take some (topical) vitamin C

    26. (Chemical) peel them off

    27. Beam me up

    28. Fill ’em up

    29. Get filled in with a fat transplant

    30. Surgery

    Whew! this is a list. I am sure you can find something in this list that will satisfy your goals and needs. If over and/or under eye circles are getting your nerves there are solutions. Anything from cucumber slices to surgery could be the answer you are seeking. Read on and find what works for you. Remember skin care does not have to be expensive. It does need to be consistent.

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