What is xerosis cutis?

What is xerosis cutis?

Believe it or not it means “dry skin”.

As winter arrives with all of it’s heavy gear, which I could use right now, our skin can lose some of it’s natural oils and become dry, flaky, irritated or scaly. Taking shorter showers with lukewarm water can help but it’s cold so lukewarm isn’t always fun. Another answer is moisturizers that penetrate and keep your skin soft and supple and create a defensive barrier against the cooler weather and heavy clothes.

As we age, we are at increased risk for skin injury. Our skin is thinner, more fragile, and we lose the protective fat layer. We also may be less able to sense touch, pressure, vibration, heat, and cold.

Rubbing or pulling on the skin can cause skin tears. Fragile blood vessels can break easily. Bruises, flat collections of blood (purpura), and raised collections of blood (hematomas) may form after even a minor injury.

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Leslie Wright

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