Vitamin C, it’s not just in your vitamin pack anymore

Vitamin C, it’s not just in your vitamin pack anymore

Not all ingredients vibe well with a vitamin C serum—like benzoyl peroxide, which can oxidize the vitamin C and, therefore, make it less potent. Vitamin C can also sting or burn if you're using it after a physical exfoliant like a scrub. (A good rule of thumb: Wait 15 minutes after you've scrubbed to add on topicals.)

There are also ingredients that we think synergize with vitamin C, like the amino acid arginine, which is found in the Paula's Choice RESIST C15 Super Booster serum.

Testers saw improved results when they combined vitamin C with ferulic acid, another antioxidant that also protects against environmental damage. Some people think there may be an ideal ratio of vitamin C to ferulic acid that maximizes its benefits, but studies haven't confirmed this yet. In fact, our research has shown that high-concentration vitamin C formulas with just 5 percent ascorbic acid have been effective in reducing signs of photo-aging.

No matter the choice of product it is important to understand ingredients and how you can expect them to benefit your body. Not everything meant to be good is good for you all the time. That's why bars don't have steering wheels. Do your research to determine if the latest products for your body really have enough quality information behind them to provide you with the results you are seeking. In the mean time stay as close to nature as possible when choosing body care products and use them often enough to receive the benefits.

Products made with love doesn't mean they will necessarily pass that love onto you. Try things until you find what works for you. When you find it use it and stick with it. Self care should ben enjoyable so enjoy it. Spend time showing your body love and you will keep the rewards.
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