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    Restore, Relax, Renew Body Butter

    Restore, Relax, Renew Body Butter

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    Scent Vanilla, Orange, Lavender

    3 R's (Relax, Renew, Restore) Restorative Body Butter is a luxurious, nutrient-rich body butter designed to hydrate, nourish and restore skin's suppleness. Our unique formula uses natural ingredients that provide deep, long-term moisture, helping to repair and protect skin for refreshed, glowing health. An infusion of vitamins and minerals help to improve skin's elasticity, reduce inflammation, and safeguard against free radical damage.

    Orange - Reduces dark spots and blemishes via vitamin C; Fights off free radicals to prevent premature skin aging; Antibacterial properties help fight acne; Boosts circulation in the skin; Promotes cell growth and collagen synthesis; Shrinks large pores and firms skin

    Bergamot - Several compounds in bergamot oil have immunomodulatory properties, wound-healing activities, and anti-inflammatory properties.  This may make bergamot oil an effective spot treatment for acne or other small wounds on the skin if you do not have sensitive skin. Bergamot may also help improve psoriasis symptoms.

    LavenderLavender oil is naturally antibacterial, meaning that it kills acne-causing bacteria that might infiltrate your pores. This makes the purple flower perfect for preventing, calming, and healing painful acne breakouts.

    Restorative Body Butter will soothe your skin, provide hydration, improve firmness and elasticity, protect from damaging sun exposure, and create optimum conditions for healthy cells. 

    Restorative Body Butter with Mango, Kokum, and Shea Butter is a luxurious body moisturizer that helps restore and maintain the skin's natural moisture balance. It is able to immediately improve your skin's smoothness, suppleness, and overall appearance. 

    How to use: Apply regularly to dry or damp skin.  Massage the butter into the skin.  A little goes a long way.  Use everywhere you have skin.

    Nurture yourself, Naturally

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