Sweet Sunrise Natural Man Body Butter

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Size: 8 oz
8 oz
4 oz

Scented with Sandalwood and Vanilla

The hydration of skin is essential for achieving and maintaining a soft, supple texture. Our body butter, formulated with a masculine scent, ensures skin is moisturized regardless of the environment you spend your day in, allowing for a luxurious, supple feel.

Sandalwood and Vanilla Natural Man Body Butter has masculine fragrances that nourish the skin while you smell great. It moisturizes, hydrates, protects, and improves the skin's quality with healthy natural ingredients. Available in 4 all-natural scents.

Sandalwood is that lovely smell of early morning at the cabin.  Vanilla is the sweetness that you smell in the air from the foilage all around the cabin. 

Our butter moisturizes and gives your skin a barrier against the outside world. If you experience dry, flaky, itchy, rough or blemished skin our butters and scrubs will change the way you experience your skin.  Your skin will thank you.

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